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About The Competition

The ideal innovation should contain a significant level of creativity, be it a new creation or a retrofit of an existing solution. The Jury will also put an emphasis of a proper use of materials, proper methods and the level of practicality.

The purpose

The purpose is to raise the awareness around plastic and its sustainability in the context of the Thai environment and sea. This competition is open for the public, which also includes youths and university students. The innovations should be creatively addressing the concept of “not letting plastic leak into the sea”, in consistency with the sustainability of the Thai environment and its sea.
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Those who are entitled to attain the royal trophy must have Thai nationality and reside in Thailand. The decision by the committee is final and not to be argued with.

Thailand’s Most Prestigious Award

aims to promote those Thais whose innovations are outstanding and benefit Thailand as a whole. It is also to instill a pride in Thais and to foster their model innovations to the public adoption, including raising awareness on the plastic management for the sake of the sustainability of the Thai environment and sea.



Goal No plastic in nature
Target Public
Mechanism Financial support | Technical Network | Solution Provider
Criteria Innovation | Plastic Pollution Management | Launching into Commercial
Beneficial Group Public


30 Oct 2019

Press Release

1 Nov 2019 -31 Jan 2020

Open for innovation submissions via website

14 Feb 2020

Finalists announced (Round 1) via website

21 Feb 2020  

Presentations by finalists from Round 1

Location : The Mall Ramkhamhaeng

26 Feb 2020

Finalists announced (Round 2) via website

9 Mar 2020


5 Jun 2020

Last presentation and