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The National Competition on Thailand’s Environmental Sustainability Innovation Competition



The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s (MoNRE)
Pollution Control Department (PCD) 2019

Reports an increase of waste in Thailand to 27.8 million tons, an increase of 1.64% year on year. The main causes involve a rise of the population, an expansion of urban areas, a growing tourism industry and a surge of consumption, especially in Bangkok,whose waste amounts to 4.85 million tons, accounting for 17% of that of the whole country. The recent figures also make clear that only 500,000 tons out of 2 million tons were recycled, whilst a part of the rest was also released into the sea, deteriorating the quality of the sea. The types of waste which are commonly found in the Thai sea include plastic bags, plastic bottles, glass bottles, styrofoam cups or plates and plastic packages or wrappers.

The Mall Group

The Mall Group is taking this issue serious and hence started a campaign reducing the use of single - use plastic bags. Recently, through the MALL GROUP GO GREEN; GREEN EVERYDAY campaign, the distribution of plastic bags was stopped, instead promoting the use of cloth bags among shoppers. Shoppers who still need a plastic bag are invited to donate 1 baht,with the money aimed at supporting projects of Thailand’s World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This should raise the awareness of the public on the issue around plastic or waste management and the problem of plastic leaking into the sea, along with the sustainability of the sea environment.


The Mall Group has teamed up with The World Wide Fund (Thailand), The National Innovation Agency and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to organize the national competition on the plastic management for the sustainability of the Thai environment and sea. This national prestigious award was purposefully established to instill a pride among the awardees, who also become role models to promote innovations for the sake of the sustainability of the Thai environment and its oceans.